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Assessment Training Materials

Required Training Components

District Test Coordinators (DTCs) must participate in annual test security and administration training provided by ODE. For 2021-22, DTCs must independently review the 2021-22 ODE-provided recorded training modules below and complete the training quiz (coming soon) by November 1, 2021 and register for one of the required ODE-facilitated Webinar sessions scheduled for November 2-4, 2021. DTCs must also use the ODE-provided training modules when conducting School Test Coordinator (STC) and Test Administrator (TA) trainings within their district. For a full description of training requirements by role, please refer to Section 1.5 Training Requirements of the 2021-22 Test Administration Manual.

​In addition to Test Administration and Security Training, any individual administering Smarter Balanced or OAKS Online through the Braille interface is required to participate in the Braille Interface Training. The Braille Interface Training prepares Teachers of the Visually Impaired to set up and administer Smarter Balanced and OAKS Online using the Braille interface and supporting Braille technologies. For a list of training dates and times by region, please contact Jenna Beresheim​ at Northwest Regional ESD.​

  • ​2020-21 T​est Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) Training​
  • Centralized Reporting System (CRS) Trainings
    • ​​​​E​LPA Screener focus (August 10, 2021) 
    • Interim focus (Octob​er 5, 2021)
      • Q&A Document
      • Video 
    • Summative focus (March 15, 2022) 
      • ​Q&A Document
      • Video
  • Smarter Balanced Test Session How-to Video
    This optional training video helps familiarize test administrators with using the TA Interface of OSAS Online to set up and manage a Smarter Balanced test session, as well as with the Student Interface. Using the practice tests available through the OSAS Portal, this video walks the TA through the process of setting up a test session and shows what students will see as they take the Smarter Balanced English language arts computer adaptive test (ELA CAT), ELA performance task (ELA PT), math CAT, and math PT. This video also introduces the TA to assigning available accessibility supports to individual students through the TA interface and demonstrates how students will use each of those supports when testing.​​

Training Modules

ELPA Screener 2021-22

​Summative Assessments​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​

ELPA Screener


​Oregon's Extended Assessment Training and Proficiency Site
Individuals who were Qualified Assessors or Qualified Trainers last year or individuals who are interested in becoming a QA or QT this year are required to access this site in order to review the Updates, training, and pass the appropriate proficiency test to re-qualify or qualify to administer the Extended Assessment to students for the current school year.​​

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