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Student Educational Equity Development Survey (SEED)


The Student Educational Equity Development Survey (SEED) will help the Oregon Department of Education gather information about the educational experiences of students in Oregon. This information will help ODE to develop appropriate resources and supports for districts in Oregon, and better target those resources and supports where they are most needed. The SEED Survey will also help ODE better interpret information we are already gathering through statewide testing.

SEED Survey information may also help districts develop a fuller picture of their local contexts and make strategic modifications to curriculum, instruction, and para-academic supports that they offer students.


Feedback and comments for the SEED Survey and Communication Toolkit may be submitted to ODE through this Google form.

Please contact Noelle Gorbett at 503-947-5928 if you have any questions regarding the SEED Survey.

Please contact Caitlin Gonzales if you have any questions regarding the Alt SEED Survey.

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