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Accessibility Supports

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) strives to provide every student with a positive and productive assessment experience, generating results that are a fair and accurate estimate of each student’s achievement. In the process of developing its next-generation assessments to measure students’ knowledge and skills as they progress toward college and career readiness, ODE recognizes that the validity of assessment results depends on each and every student having appropriate accessibility supports (formerly “accommodations”) when needed based on the constructs being measured by the particular statewide assessment. To that end, please consult the Oregon Accessibility Manual as well as the related resources and links posted on this webpage.

Right Assessment for the Right Purpose

The Oregon Department of Education worked with internal and external partners to develop a guidance document aimed at increasing educator assessment literacy within Oregon's Statewide Assessment System (OSAS). External partners included teacher's union representation, district test coordinators, university measurement staff, and national measurement experts in formative, interim, and summative assessment contexts. Internal partners included colleagues from the Office of Student Supports and the Office of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment. The document provides definitions for critical terms in our OSAS and in other areas where Oregon students are assessed in the areas of academic achievement, behavior, or other areas as part of their instructional programs. The document also addresses current questions and appropriate uses and misuses of statewide summative assessment data. Finally, guidance is provided regarding efficient use of testing time based on an internal study that was conducted. This document does not address any concerns outside of the K-12 student assessment context, nor does it provide the final word on assessment literacy in Oregon. It is published with the intended goal of beginning conversations about assessment literacy, which we know will evolve and increase in accuracy and complexity over time. Please contact Dan Farley, Director of Assessment if you have any questios regarding the guidance document.

Right Assessment for the Right Purpose Guidance Document (Published August 7, 2019)

Promising Practices


Communicating about changes to Oregon's statewide testing system is an important part of keeping our families informed about and engaged in their children's education. The following resources are intended to support school and district-wide communications plans to ensure the greatest spread of information possible.

DTC Webinars

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